Youthly Puresome

Growing up in a NavAir family, one of the pleasures every quarter was the arrival of The Hook, the magazine of the Tailhook Association. A collection of sea stories, historical monographs, and updates on people, places and goings on in the world of carrier aviation, it had fantastic pictures and interesting news.

And for about 20 years, it also featured the Further Adventures of Youthly Puresome, the humorous tales of derring do of Jack Woodall, as a young carrier pilot. Sadly, in a reshuffle of the Tailhook site, the archives were lost. But Jack finally has a website, and the archives of his fantastic sea stories is available for all.

They’re in .pdf format, but don’t let that stop you from some great writing.


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3 responses to “Youthly Puresome

  1. someoldguy

    I will read the stories when I can but I was pleased to see the Crusader photo. This is one of my favorite aircraft with its variable incidence wings, a clever approach to the conflicting demands of carrier takeoff and supersonic flight.

    On to the stories…


  2. someoldguy

    I read a few. This is good stuff!