IPCC Warns on Global Warming, after the Coldest Winter in US in a Century


Well, we have reached the last day of March in 2014.  Just in time for the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to send out another alarmist shill about Global Warming/Climate Change.   Anthropogenic Climate Change, to be exact.  Requiring “action”.   Which is a code-word for “money”.    Otherwise, disaster, death, murder, rape, starvation is sure to ensue.  You get the idea.  Seems like we have heard it all before, dunnit?

Of course, Socialist-Communist American President Barack Obama is solidly behind such “action”.  Especially since that action has the desirable side-effect of destroying our capitalist economy and providing further excuse for even more crushing environmental regulation, exponentially expanding the statist command economy he desires so much.   Vice President Biden, he of the “perfect skin”, is in full agreement.  Which means, it seems, that the inside of his head is not quite as well-kept as the outside.


We are to believe, of course, that the natural cycle of changes in the Earth’s climate which we have proof occurred hundreds of millions of years before man came to be, is now entirely our fault.  And that the massive and growing number of skeptics in the scientific community remain “just a few deniers”.

Let’s give some local flavor to the debate.   Where I live, March 2014 has had a mean temperature nearly NINE DEGREES below normal.  That is an astounding figure.  In March of 2012, when we had temperatures in the 70s for several days and the global warming alarmists were in full frenzy, the mean temperature was just 7.2 degrees ABOVE normal.   Despite their prognostications of certain doom, March of 2014 is actually significantly colder than March of 2012 was warm.   Such is also not in isolation.  The previous 12 months have been a full 2.0 degrees below their average since 2006.   Talk about “hockey stick” graphs.

Nationally, the US just experienced the coldest six months in more than 100 years.  Since the winter of 1911-12.  If that is true in the US, it is very likely true in Canada and Mexico.  For the last six months, at least one quarter of the globe has been significantly colder than the norm.   Climate scientists have already been caught red-handed manipulating data sets to produce “global warming” outcomes.  As have US agencies.   These aren’t mistakes.  Not errors in calculation.  They are LIES.

Our President, not surprisingly, is using those lies to perpetuate HIS agenda, and the agendas of his political and financial supporters.   For people like Barack Obama, the truth is something to be avoided at all costs.   That should surprise nobody.  After Benghazi, Obamacare, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, “red lines”, etc., he can be called an inveterate liar.

And it shouldn’t surprise us that Obama embraces the Global Warming anti-capitalists.  It isn’t like he doesn’t have a history of hanging out with Weathermen.


It would seem that the “just a few deniers” have a few things to say.    It makes a good read.


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10 responses to “IPCC Warns on Global Warming, after the Coldest Winter in US in a Century

  1. You’re just hallucinating, you denier you. You prolly got a big check from Exxon and the Koch Brothers so you can retire in style.


  2. SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

    BHO will say anything, take any leftish or worse position as long as liberals win the next election. The reason we can’t utilize an Australian Climatologist PhD take on the issue is, well he’s Aussie and how could anyone living in the Southern Hemisphere possibly understand the issue elsewhere in the world…meh.


  3. The irony of the linked Guardian article is their slant that the bad data, sloppy procedures and poor science of Jones & Wang doesn’t really affect the “overall picture” of anthropogenic global warming climate change the coming ice age.


  4. Fuck. Weather and climate are not the same thing . Lets talk when it’s 130deg in July. Get your head out of Fox News’ ass


    • Jeff Gauch

      Maybe you should work on extricating your own head from your dumb ass before telling other people what to do. It’s blatantly obvious that you’re ignorant of several facts germane to the discussion.

      1) Climate is a chaotic system. It is, in fact, the very first known chaotic system. Chaos theory was born when researchers discovered that computer weather simulations gave different results with the same input when run straight through than when the calculations were saved partway through and then resumed.

      2) Chaotic systems are defined by sensitivity to initial conditions. The reason the simulations above gave different results was because the computer chopped off the last few digits from the intermediate calculations when they were saved. That small change, somewhere around 15 places to the right of the decimal point, was sufficient to create wildly different results.

      3) Current temperatures are well below that predicted by 98% of the IPCC models. In fact, recent research indicates that the models are even further off (you may remember the story as one announcing that global warming could be worse than initially feared. That’s because journalists are uniformly idiots. The research said that current models erroneously calculated the impact of clouds and than temperatures should be higher for a given forcing function. Since uncorrected model temperatures are significantly higher than reality, that mean – assuming this research pans out – that the forcing function, and hence our impact on the climate, is even lower than previously thought).

      4) The models all make simplistic assumptions (necessary to even have a hope of modeling something as complex as the climate). For example, they ignore the role of solar weather on cloud formation. It turns out that clouds are influenced by cosmic rays (not terribly surprising since cosmic rays were first studied in devices known as cloud chambers). The more active the sun, the more solar wind pushing cosmic rays away, the less cloud formation on Earth, the less incoming solar energy is reflected away, and the warmer the Earth. None of that mechanism is included in the IPCC models.

      5) We know that the climate has been warmer in the past than it is today. And we know that life generally thrives the warmer it is. It’s somewhat difficult to farm glaciers. Just ask the Viking settlers on Greenland. Oh, wait.

      6) We know that the CO2 concentration has been significantly higher than it is previously. After all, all that carbon in fossil fuels came from somewhere. Generally speaking, higher CO2 concentrations are better for plants and life.

      I could go on, but you bore me. Go ahead and show me where any of that is found on Fox News. Or go light yourself on fire. Either one works for me.


    • ultimaratioregis

      130 degrees in July? I think that is an exaggeration. But snow on Memorial Day weekend isn’t.