General Carl E. Mundy, Jr, 30th Marine Commandant, Dead at 78


Very sad news that General Carl Mundy, the 30th Commandant of the Marine Corps, passed away on Wednesday in Alexandria, VA.   General Mundy’s career was long and distinguished, beginning with his enlistment in the Marine Reserves in 1953, where he would rise to be a Sergeant Squad Leader.

Commissioned out of Auburn University, General Mundy served two tours in Vietnam, one as OpsO and XO of 3/26, and the other with III Marine Amphibious Force.  Following his service in Southeast Asia, General Mundy commanded the Second Marines, and then 2nd Marine Division, and eventually II MEF at Camp Lejeune, NC.

General Mundy served as the 30th Commandant of the Marine Corps from July 1991 to June 1995.  General Mundy was also a plain-spoken man.  And as such, has always been a hero of mine.  He had the backbone to stand up to the Diversity Tyrants, and to try and do what was best for the Corps rather than his career.  The infamous “60 Minutes” hack job that was as dishonest as the Westmoreland piece and the George W. Bush service record fabrication portrayed Mundy’s remarks as being something other than what they were.  General Mundy had criticized the racial quota approach to recruitment of Marine Officers, rightly pointing out that simply taking in men and women based on skin color, without regard to intelligence and aptitude, did them and the Corps a disservice.  He correctly observed that those accessed with below-average intelligence and aptitude were at a severe disadvantage and did not do as well with marksmanship, land navigation, and other skills.  Mundy apologized for any offense that the edited remarks may have caused, but never backed off from his premise, which infuriated the Diversity advocates.

Later, General Mundy ordered the eventual elimination of recruiting quotas for married Marines, again rightly pointing out that first-term non-rate Marines with wives and children had a much higher proportion of problems because of low pay and long hours, and the effects were deleterious to readiness and morale.  Mundy was ordered to rescind that guidance, but again remained unwilling to revise his views.

I had the privilege to serve with General Mundy’s son Carl E. “Sam” Mundy III, at Parris Island.  He was a superb Officer who rightly admired and emulated his Dad.  Carl E. Mundy III is now a Brigadier General, I believe.    General Mundy’s legacy to the Marine Corps remains with us almost twenty years later.  He was a warrior who believed in the warrior ethos.  And was unwilling to compromise those beliefs for political expediency.

But for other senior Officers in all the services to take a lesson from General Mundy.

Farewell, General.  30th Commandant, departing.  Marines from every age who guard Heaven’s streets will present arms.




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6 responses to “General Carl E. Mundy, Jr, 30th Marine Commandant, Dead at 78

  1. Joanne

    General Mundy was kind and wonderful as his late wife. Knowing them personally was not only privilege but an honor to have met the Commandant of the Marine Corps and his wife. He will be truly missed by many and admired by the Corps and those who had the opportunity to meet him. May he rest in peace and Semper Fi… To a great man and leader. Thank you for sharing this write up.


  2. SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

    Amen to all written. He most likely would have been even more so castigated for his views (righteous in my view), today as opposed to then. You are so correct…this Marine’s commitment to his values and to something bigger than himself or career progression should be taught.


  3. We had just finished some work on his summer home. It’s a damn shame he never got to see what we did.

    He was a common sight riding around the development with his little .Terrier dog in his black model A looking golf cart. Always threw his hand up and waved as he drove by.

    He will be sorely missed.


  4. I had the privilege to serve with General Mundy’s son Sam, at Parris Island. He was a superb Officer who rightly admired and emulated his Dad.

    I believe Sam just got his second star if the scuttlebutt I heard is right.