First Flight of the Intruder

Spill was kind enough to remind me that today marks the anniversary of the first flight of the Grumman A2F-1 Intruder, more popularly known by its post-1962 designation, the A-6.

Given that our dad was flying in an A-6A the very day we were born, we’ve always had a strong affinity for the Intruder.

And as someone not overly blessed in the looks department, we’ve also liked that the Intruder may have been ugly, but it got the job done.

To borrow a pic from Tailspin Tommy

And of course, there’s plenty of videos of the old gal.


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7 responses to “First Flight of the Intruder

  1. captainned

    Aye, not the best looker but she’s got an ‘eart of gold.

    I’d also posit that the ’60s era Gull Gray over White livery is spectacular (if combat-inefficient).


  2. someoldguy

    Too bad the A-6F got the kibosh. New build Intruders with very advanced capabilities would have been very useful in the various subsequent conflicts. Instead the funds went to the fictional A-12. But at least some of those funds ultimately got paid back.


  3. Haze Gray

    From the time of that unpleasantness in SEAsia I’ve got photos of A-6’s coming home with palm fronds and telephone wire hanging from their wings and MER’s/TER’s. The Grumman Iron Works lived up to their name many times over.


  4. OT. Gen Mundy’s funeral was today and they had an Osprey flyover. It was a good day for a funeral – cool and rainy. The ceiling lifted high enough to make the flyover here in the mountains. This morning most of the clouds had rock cores. Downtown was plugged up this afternoon for the festivities.


  5. SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

    Apologies to all who served in US Navy Aviation…one of my favorite movies was “Flight of the Intruder” to take such a “ugly” A/C and make a movie out of it….brilliant (like Guiness). Yeah there was some sappy stuff but I even loved the part where Willem DaFoe and what’s-his-face finish the bombing run singing Petula Clark’s “Downtown”. Hey you know that kinda stupid stuff goes on!