Monday Links

Looks like submariners may actually join the rest of the human race and switch to a 24 hour day.


Russia has a long way to go to rebuild their forces, but progress is being made. Their operations in Georgia, and even more so in Ukraine, are far, far more competently executed than their disastrous operations in Chechnya in the 1990s.


The U.S. military is a socialist paradise. Imagine a testing ground where every signature liberal program of the past century has been applied, from racial integration to single-payer health care—then add personal honor, strict hierarchy, and more guns. Like all socialist paradises, the military has been responsible for its share of bloodshed, but it has developed one of the only working models of collective living and social welfare that this country has ever known.

Of course, the military also costs money to operate. Further, membership is voluntary, unlike the subjects of a socialist society at large.


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3 responses to “Monday Links

  1. Pave Low John

    Wow, I think I dropped 10 or 20 points of IQ after reading that “the U.S. military is a socialist paradise” article. The author had never actually BEEN in the military, so you can imagine how much it sucked. Here’s a tip for the next writer that tries this stunt – please explain, in as great a detail as needed, why advocating for a militarized society based on socialist principles might strike most people as being a rather dim-witted attempt to bring back Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany. Because even the people in uniform know how bad an idea this would be. I have never, in 24 years of active-duty service, ever heard anyone seriously argue that making the entire United States just like the U.S. military, but only much bigger, would be a good thing.


    • I have no doubt the loony left would see certain benefits to such a regime. Having spent a very large chunk of my life around or in the military, I can’t say as I agree that the Military is anything like a socialist paradise. Some aspects are a collective, but such things lead to massive inefficiencies when they try to extend them to anything much larger than a military unit. Some people think Nazi Germany was one of the most efficient societies ever. How little they understand.


  2. captainned

    I’ve got a good bubblehead friend who spent several years tending the teakettle on a 637-class attack boat (SSN-674 USS Trepang). He’s said many times that one of the toughest parts of leaving the service and returning to the surface world was un-learning the 18 hour day.