Troops Say Generals Understand Need For Cuts To Aides, Personal Drivers, And Golf Courses

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Troops from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force told Congress on Wednesday that general officers were willing to sacrifice portions of their caviar rations, personal assistants, limousine drivers, and golf courses if it meant improving training and equipment needed for the rest of the military.

“We feel these cuts will provide us with the right training and equipment,” said Marine Lance Cpl. Eric Smaltz. “We’ll be able to improve our quality of life through more suicide awareness training, sexual assault classes, and motorcycle safety. Basically anything that involves PowerPoint is what we’re looking for. It’s why we signed up after all.”

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1. One of my fellow recruiters was a cook who had served a tour as an orderly to a General Officer.  As an aside, he was a stunningly good cook.

2. When my dad took command of an air station, he had a staff car and driver, and a Filippino Mess Steward assigned, complete with attached quarters at our on base housing. About 3 months later, President Carter said no to good deals like that.

Of course, a major part of dad’s duties was schmoozing the local population, to keep good relations, and the steward wasn’t there to act as a butler, but to help plan and serve the steady stream of parties dad hosted. When the steward went away, mom had to pick up the slack. Which, of course, she did with aplomb.



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  2. David Navarre

    Stunningly good “cook” I imagine you meant, right? Not the apparent misspelling.


    • Fixt. Thanks. And he was also the first guy I knew of who was regularly pulled over for DWB. In uniform.

      Like four times in less than a month on his commute to work. Always the same spot, same department, same officer.

      Bn CDR and CSM came up and just happened to have a little chat with the local Chief. Asked them just how much publicity he wanted their department to get- local paper or Army Times.

      I’m sure it didn’t help all the other black men getting pulled over, but at least my friend didn’t get hassled anymore.


  3. Did the skippers lose their stewards too? The deep draft Skippers had their own pantry and stewards when I was in. Courtney was too small for such niceties.


  4. timactual

    Too complicated. Just cut the number of generals, the rest takes care of itself.