The Coast Guard could teach the Navy a lesson or two about ship naming.

While the US Navy lays the keel for the future USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS-10) a woman whose only connection to the Navy was marrying a sailor, the US Coast Guard announced that a Fast Response Cutter will be named for Damage Controlman Third Class Nathan Bruckenthal.

In the early evening hours of April 24, a dhow (a lateen-rigged Arabian vessel) approached an oil terminal in the Persian Gulf. Bruckenthal, trained as both a boarding team member and boarding officer, was accompanied by one other Coast Guardsman and five sailors from the United States Navy. The group boarded a rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB), taking off in pursuit.

As the crew was poised to board the dhow, an explosion was detonated. Two Navy petty officers also died as a result of the waterborne attack: PO1 Michael J. Pernaselli, 27, of Monroe, N.Y., and PO2 Christopher E. Watts, 28, of Knoxville, Tenn. Injured were three Navy sailors and BM3 Joseph T. Ruggiero, USCG, 23, from Revere, Mass., who received the Purple Heart.

The Fast Response Cutter, of which the Coast Guard might buy as many as 58, are known as the Sentinel Class, and each is named for an enlisted hero of the Coast Guard.

File:USCG Sentinel class cutter poster.pdf

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22 responses to “The Coast Guard could teach the Navy a lesson or two about ship naming.

  1. I’m career army. My family was mostly navy/marine corps.
    I’m of the opinion that a war ship of the United States of America should not be named for a mere politician. There are enough deceased service members to choose a name from. Run out of sailors . . . start choosing marines or soldiers or airmen. My 2 cents worth.


  2. I thought you guys were kidding about naming a Naval vessel after Ms Giffords. Wonders never cease.


    • It is a joke, but the Navy is doing it.


    • JoshO

      Me too, I thought that was kind of a running gag on the military blogs, I mean, really? No real disrespect to the congresswoman, but she did nothing to deserve any ship being named after her. How many ships do we currently have named Chesty Puller or Audey Murphy or Butch O’Hare? We have several several thousand names to go down the list before we get down to Gabriel Giffords, what a load of bullcrap. If they are gonna just pick meaningless names randomly from the headlines we may as well just go along with Duffleblog’s idea of letting companies buy naming rights….


  3. The Navy used to have a sane naming policy. Courtney, for example, was named after a Marine company grade Officer killed in Combat.


  4. diogenesofnj

    Let us not forget the USNS Cesar Chavez T-AKE-14, a dry cargo ship. It probably carries lettuce.


  5. She was a Representative married to an astronaut and she took a bullet because she happened to be visiting her district and because of a selective reading of a constitutional amendment that has turned most of a country into a war zone. Deal with it. It’s not as if the LCS would ever be characterised as a warship, but a little fucking respect.


    • Jeff Gauch

      Why? She’s a vile progressive, her husband’s a mendacious twit, she wasn’t the worst-affected victim but she’s going to milk it for all it’s worth. I shouldn’t even know her name, much less that billions of my tax dollars have been dishonored by being associated with her.


    • The loosening of restrictions on the bearing and use of arms for self defense, beginning in roughly the early 1990s, coincides with a reduction of the murder rate by nearly half since a high in 1993. Correlation may not be causation, but it sure seems to refute your claim that the courts reading of the 2nd Amendment has turned half the nation into a war zone. Indeed, curiously, those cities with the worst gun violence, such as Chicago, have the most restrictive gun control regimes. Curious…


    • Paul L. Quandt

      Well, I have as little fucking respect for Gabbie as it is possible to have.



    • Marv

      I can give her a little fucking respect but the fact that she was a politician shot by a progressive nut case doesn’t qualify her for having a warship named after her. Politicians are politicians, they are egotistical opportunists. Ships name are meant to honor those who have given more.


    • timactual

      ” but a little fucking respect.”

      a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”

      Nope. Sympathy for her situation as a crime victim and injuries certainly. Respect, on the other hand, must be earned.

      “that has turned most of a country into a war zone.”

      Actually, most of the country is quite peaceful. Most of the war zones are confined to limited geographical areas run by people without that “selective reading ” of the 2nd amendment.


  6. hajo-hi

    Question: The fast response cutter seems to be designed more with police work in mind than naval rescue? Is it self-righting?


    • No, it is not self righting. It’s a substantial sized ship of roughly 350 tons. And yes, they appear to have an emphasis more toward law enforcement than to Search and Rescue. But then, the fact is, the Coast Guard does a lot more law enforcement than they’ve ever done SAR.


    • hajo-hi

      Thanks. It is a handsome ship anyway.


    • Law enforcement is their primary function and always has been. They do get inducted into the Navy in time of war, however.


  7. Paul L. Quandt

    GO COASTIES!! Says Paul L. Quandt, Coast Guard Auxiliary.


  8. SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

    Excepting the naming aspect…when mothers have asked me (in times of “war”), which service should my son/daughter enter. My pat answer is if the kid in question basically has NEVER been in trouble with the authorities the USCG as they have that law enforcement aspect which can translate to civilian employment and finally…check out their duty stations. Crimany they have a duty station at Lake Tahoe, CA. never mind Miami, and for the less party inclined Bar Harbor, ME. Course in this day and age, they’ve most all been in trouble with the authorities. My wake up call was when I heard about the USCG in Viet-Nam…I had thought they were always and forever “stateside” (I was also in my twenties when I thought that).


  9. timactual

    Why not sell naming rights? Launching the USS Donald Trump should pay for at least an LCS, whose naming could in turn pay for something smaller, but just as useful.