“Fighting Joe” Dunford is the Next Commandant of the Marine Corps

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Congratulations to General Joseph Dunford, nominated by Secretary of Defense Hagel to be the 36th Commandant of the Marine Corps.  Marine Corps Times has the story. 

I have known General Dunford a long time, since he was the MOI at Holy Cross in the late 80s.  I had the distinct honor to serve with then-Colonel Dunford in Al Anbar in 2004, when he was MajGen Mattis’ Chief of Staff.  BGen John Kelly was the ADC, and LtGen James Conway had the MEF (and the MEF SgtMaj was the incomparable Carlton Kent).  What a team!    Joe Dunford also skipped a pay grade.  He was nominated for his second star, and before he pinned on his new rank, picked up his third star!  Nearly unheard of in today’s day and age.

Lord knows, the Marine Corps needs a warrior, and an INFANTRY OFFICER at its helm.   The infantryman is the very soul of the Marine Corps, and the Commandant should be someone who knows him and his comrades intimately.   Besides, the Amos years have not been good.

Congratulations, General Joe Dunford.   Our Marine Corps is in your capable hands.  Right where it should be.   Godspeed.

(I am willing to overlook that he went to BC High.)





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7 responses to ““Fighting Joe” Dunford is the Next Commandant of the Marine Corps

  1. Paul Lemmen

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  2. MOI=?

    About time Amos was pushed out the door. I would rather Mattis got it, but he was too unPC and Amos got the nod instead. I do wonder, however, about this guy given who is elevating him. Hopefully my questions will disappear and all will be well.

    Now if we can get someone to gibbet Dempsey….


    • Krag

      The taint from being selected by this administration also worries me. Glad to hear good things about General Dunford, but I also remember reading great things about Amos, including praise from Gen Mattis, when he was announced as the next commandant.

      Again, that Gen Dunford was chosen by Hagel and Obama gives him two strikes already, in my mind. Hopefully I’m wrong and he will prove he still has a backbone and a true commitment to the Marine Corps first, not to the administration.


  3. Pretty happy to have a Boston Guy get it. He is a fellow member of Red Sox Nation. Yup, it’s awesome once I get past the fact he’s only from Southie….not Charlestown, like me.


  4. Krag

    @URR – Considering Gen Dunford has been sitting at Amos’ side throughout most (all?) of Amos’ missteps as Commandant, to include personally firing LtGen Waldhauser on behalf of Amos, how does that inspire confidence in his judgment or sense of ethics?