Bergdahl Lawyers Up

Via This Ain’t Hell, according to a report in the Christian Science Monitor, Bowe Bergdahl has engaged the services of Eugene Fidell to represent him during the investigation surrounding the circumstances of his capture.

Mr. Fidell has been a full-time lecturer at Yale for the past five years, and he served in the US Coast Guard. He is the co-founder of the National Institute of Military Justice and heads the committee on military justice for the International Society for Military Law and the Law of War.

While investigators have not yet spoken with Bergdahl, that is expected to happen “sometime in the near future,” says Wayne Hall, a spokesman for the Army.

Mr. Fidell is apparently taking the case pro bono.

While I personally believe that Bergdahl intended to desert his post, he is, like every other American, entitled to due process, and competent representation. One strongly suspects Mr. Fidell will give Bergdahl the same advice every competent attorney stresses to their client- don’t speak.

I’d like to see Bergdahl nuked for his crimes, but it’s more important to my mind that the military follow the rule of law that it exists to protect, preserve and defend.


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4 responses to “Bergdahl Lawyers Up

  1. Zhytamyr

    My sister is an Army JAG officer for well nigh on 18 years now. Spending a long weekend with her recently I got to hear about how Fox news should mind their GD business RE: Bergdahl maybe 1 or 2 thousand times. My family (& my sister) has been (profoundly) conservative/libertarian forever. My sister is very “go along, to get along”. I do not believe that whatever result is gotten will be different from what the brass wants.


  2. NaCly Dog

    What are the army morale issues with the US Army senior NCOs if Bergdahl walks, and with his 350K?

    Esli brings out the point that our junior enlisted missed the heavy combat in Iraq. Some are in AF, but not that many are outside the wire. Would the non-combat junior enlisted care?


    • Buck Buchanan


      They won’t car other than to use him as an object lesson in some mandatory annual training in the future.


  3. Of course he walks. Any other result would call into question Obama’s deal to release the terrorists. The Commander in Chief has surely already ordered that Bergdahl will only be found to be AWOL at most.


    And Army morale being harmed? To Obama, that’s a feature, not a bug