…The More They Stay The Same.


Brad’s excellent piece about the weak-minded simps on the far-left being anti-Israel, and openly sympathetic to Hamas, can be corroborated around most any college campus on either coast.  Leftist Progressive “intellectuals” of all ages rail against Israel and the Jews so vehemently that it would make Julius Streicher blush.  They are too dogmatic and stupid to figure out that Hamas would perpetrate on Israeli men, women, and children precisely what ISIS did this week, when it massacred some 1,500 young Iraqi men (filming much of it) in scenes reminiscent of SS Einsatzgruppen on the Eastern Front.  All Hamas lacks is the means.  Which leftists in this country (which include Mssrs Kerry and Obama) seem ever so willing to give them.  To those who would recoil at such a comparison, I would ask, just what do you think “destruction of the Zionist Jews” means?   Hamas is also supported wholeheartedly with weapons and money (so much the more since sanctions were lifted) by our old friend Iran.  (Whom we are told we should trust not to build a nuclear weapon.  They don’t mean what they say about annihilating Israel, either.)

This willful blindness is, however, not a new paradigm.  Obama’s, and the American media’s, pandering to Muslims and outright sympathy for Hamas and its soulless butchers in Gaza, have a familiar ring to them.  Who else but the incomparable Kipling tells us of such a precedent?

Boh Da Thone was a warrior bold:
His sword and his rifle were bossed with gold,

And the Peacock Banner his henchmen bore
Was stiff with bullion, but stiffer with gore.

He shot at the strong and he slashed at the weak
From the Salween scrub to the Chindwin teak:

He crucified noble, he scarified mean,
He filled old ladies with kerosene:

While over the water the papers cried,
“The patriot fights for his countryside!”

So there you have it.  That said, rather than seeing members of Hamas squashed by a fat railroad employee, I would be ever so happy to see some fuel-air explosive dropped on one of their parades.   Same with ISIS.   Too bad Obama, the media, and the far-left are so sympathetic to the former and indifferent about the latter.   T’ain’t much new under the sun.


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7 responses to “…The More They Stay The Same.

  1. Aye,
    FAEs would do it, and they should not stop until HAMAS is but a distant memory.
    It is in HAMAS charter, that they will not stop while Jews are “occupying” “Their land”. They(Hamas) have, apparently, never read the Bible.
    They(Israel) should continue the ground operation until they have destroyed ALL the tunnels…


  2. diogenesofnj

    MLRS should be used to demonstrate to Hamas just what a rocket barrage can do. I wouldn’t waste precision guided rounds on Gaza – just do steel rain like MLRS is famous for. BTW how many “civilian” targets were struck by Hamas rockets that malfunctioned and never made it out of Gaza? It kind of reminds me of Baghdad on day one when they shot up so much of their own AA that it came back and took out a lot of their own city.


  3. One can never enough Rudyard!


  4. “They are too dogmatic and stupid to figure out that Hamas would perpetrate on Israeli men, women, and children”

    Oh, I think they know. And they welcome it.


  5. Jeff Gauch

    All I want is Gaza shelled to below sea level. Is that too much to ask.