Do you even tank, bro?

M1A1TrkTrror commented on an earlier post about the Free Syrian Army

Everything I’ve seen from the Syrian army shows they don’t know how to tank at all. A lone tank sitting buttoned up and exposed isn’t something I put past them.

And quite often, that’s the case.

There’s a fairly eclectic mix of Russian and Chinese Anti-tank Guided Missiles. And I’ll not that in spite of much Alan Snackbar going on, several seem to have not been catastrophic kills.

Tomorrow I’ll link a long video, from the FSA, that actually shows the Syrian Army tanking pretty well.


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4 responses to “Do you even tank, bro?

  1. diogenesofnj

    Well at least they’ve learned not to have an observer stand directly behind the launcher. I always get a kick when I see that one.


  2. Kafiroon

    By the sound of these guys, they really get off on killing people.


  3. M1A1TrkTrror

    Where’s that vid?