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22 May 1968, Loss of USS Scorpion SS-589


On 27 May 1968, for the second time in just over five years, the United States Navy announced the disappearance of a modern nuclear attack submarine.  The Skipjack-class SSN, USS Scorpion, disappeared on 22 May as she transited near the Azores.

589 sail

The cause of the loss of Scorpion continues to be a subject of fierce debate.  The recorded acoustic signature of the event has been analyzed extensively, and expert opinion is divided regarding what the SOSUS data points to.  Several recent books have addressed the subject, positing that the Soviets had targeted Scorpion and sank her with assistance from ASW helicopters, and intelligence gained from the capture of USS Pueblo (AGER-2) and the John Walker spy ring.  Other theories included a battery fire which caused a Mk 37 torpedo to detonate in the tube in the torpedo room, or an inadvertent launch of a Mk 37 which came back and struck Scorpion.  Other analysis points to a possible explosion of hydrogen gas, built up to unsafe levels during a charge of batteries, that doomed Scorpion.

Much has been made of the abbreviation of her overhaul and the postponement of the SUBSAFE work (initiated in the wake of the loss of Thresher, SSN-593, in April of 1963) by the CNO, and the tagging out of the Emergency Main Ballast Tank system.   However, there seems little that points to any neglected maintenance or repair being responsible for the loss of the boat.

Regardless of the cause of the loss of Scorpion, the submarine carried 99 US Navy sailors to their deaths.  Her loss should stand as a reminder that plying the sea is a dangerous occupation, and that there is a a cost in lives for vigilance and readiness for war, even a Cold War.   It should also serve as a warning, that a Navy without sufficient ships and sailors to meet mission requirements in peace must compromise that readiness and vigilance, which has a far higher price in the unforgiving occupation of war at sea.



Wells “Deflategate” Report Absolutely Shredded by Patriots Counsel


I am a Patriots fan, I admit.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t care much about it.  I wouldn’t really now, except for the arbitrary and capricious nature of how NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Ted Wells handled the investigation of whether or not the Patriots deflated footballs to below the league standard before the AFC Championship Game with the Colts.

The New England Patriots today issued a rebuttal which positively destroys the amateurish and biased “report” which seems even more like an NFL sting operation incompetently sprung.  The rebuttal includes what the report conveniently ignores, like the context for the much-publicized text messages between Patriots employees, the fact that the Colts, not the Patriots, admitted to violating league rules by tampering with a game ball during play, the failure of the league and its officials to document evidence they knew well might be used in an investigation, and much more.  But the most damning piece of the rebuttal is the clubbing the Patriots deliver to the skulls of the NFL League Office with the league’s own data:

The average of the Prioleau (Logo gauge) measurements — and using an average makes sense given the non-repeatability of even a single gauge — is 11.49 psi, precisely what would have been predicted by the Ideal Gas Law. According to the League’s consultants, the Ideal Gas Law predicted the Patriots footballs which started at 12.5 would have measured between 11.32 and 11.52 psi at the end of the first half (pg. 113). The average of these 11 footballs is within or above that range, as are the actual psi of 8 of the 11 footballs. If air had been intentionally released from each football before the game, these numbers would be significantly lower.

Further, note that the differences between the two gauges vary from .3 to .45 — if the gauges were in fact repeatable, the difference between the two gauges would remain the same on every football gauged.

Mr. Blakeman and Mr. Prioleau apparently switched which gauges they were using when they switched which team’s footballs they were gauging. The investigators never consider that Mr. Anderson did the same thing in his pre-game measurements. If Mr. Anderson, pre-game, used the Logo gauge on the Patriots footballs and the non-Logo gauge on the Colts footballs, this helps explain the difference in psi drop between the Patriots footballs and the Colts footballs.

And here is the real and irrefutable dagger:

If scientific evidence explains the drop in psi of the Patriots footballs, it is definitive there was no tampering. Rather than engage in that analysis, this investigation made certain assumptions about gauge usage and then speculated about the meaning of texts taken out of context. The report rejects the simple and fully supported scientific explanation for the psi drop and instead builds adverse inference upon adverse inference from speculative and circumstantial evidence in order to develop even the soft conclusions it reaches.

Yup.  Roger Goodell should be ashamed of himself.  Someone’s half-baked scheme to finger the Patriots went south, and this imbecilic “Wells Report” that I would not accept from a Second Lieutenant to send someone to NJP turns up (after more than 100 days!!!), and the league suspends the best quarterback ever to play the game, fines the team a million bucks, and takes two draft picks away based on that pile of nonsense.

The penalties should be immediately revoked, and the owners should send Goodell his walking papers.  Less competent stewardship of a multi-billion dollar sports league would be hard to imagine.

Oh, AFTER the footballs were re-inflated at halftime?  The Patriots outscored the Colts 28-0.



The Progressive Paradox!



It would appear that the Progressives have painted themselves into an “-ist” corner.  President Obama’s criticism of Elizabeth Warren, according to NOW, is sexist.  While we have been told incessantly that any criticism of Obama, which would have to include Elizabeth Warren’s disagreement, is racist.

As Nelson (the Admiral, not the Simpsons character) once said, “When you see the foe committing a mistake, do not be in a rush to interrupt.”

But it is fun to watch them spray their corrosive bile all over each other.


The lovely DB



The Marketing People at 5-Hour Energy Should be All Over This!


From the Daily Caller:

The top defense secretary in North Korea was allegedly executed in a hail of anti-aircraft fire, South Korean news outlets say, for falling asleep at a meeting where Kim Jong-un was speaking.

Though there remains some skepticism regarding the event, certainly there seems to be some credence to the possibility that General Hyon Yong-chol was done away with, because we know that the DPRK has the facility for such an ostentatious (and messy) display of brutality.


But there is a marketing opportunity here.  The annoying 5-Hour Energy commercials could become quite a bit more compelling.  “Feeling tired?  Falling asleep in a meeting with the boss?  Don’t be blasted into smoking lumps of bone and flesh!  Drink 5-Hour Energy!  Now in pomegranate, berry, grape, and citrus orange!”

Wouldn’t it be irony that staunch Communist KJU was the entrepreneurial inspiration for a Capitalist marketing campaign?    Sure, the FDA has some warnings about 5-Hour Energy Drinks, such as prolonged use causing heart attacks.  But it still has to be less harmful than half a dozen 14.5 slugs to the cranium.

Maybe 5-Hour Energy can pick up the NKPA as a sponsor, to go along with NASCAR and Jim Furyk.  Or maybe not, as acquiring personal wealth is a leading cause of being shot to pieces in North Korea.



At Least the War on Whites is Going Well


Doesn’t seem like Barack Obama has much of a stomach for fighting America’s enemies.  He panders to Iran, and backs the Muslim Brotherhood.  He shows his spinelessness (flexibility) with Russia, while China continues to get the upper hand in the Pacific.  The Unites States continues the drastic military cutbacks in order to fund the welfare machine that fills campaign coffers and ballot boxes.

There is, however, one place where Barack Obama’s Administration has shown a penchant for war.  That is the one waged against his political and social enemies, to include the war on Whitey.  His race-baiting Attorneys General (Loretta Lynch is of the same ilk as Holder) and his bigoted loud-mouthed rabble-rousing friends, like Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, and Jeremiah Wright, continue to agitate their special brand of racial hatred, virtually without challenge by the media or any on the Progressive Self-Loathing Left.  The result?  Predicable.

In the last week of April, a 61-year old white man named Richard Fletcher was savagely beaten by a large group of black thugs.  The perps were reportedly all from the local “second chance” high school, Baltimore Community High School, located nearby.  Fletcher suffered skull and eye socket fractures, a broken nose, and a brain bleed, along with broken ribs.  He was in critical condition, and spent time in an induced coma.  Not a peep in the national media, not until a few days ago.  Then, when the sickening incident was reported, the race of the gang of thugs was conveniently omitted.  I doubt severely if Loretta Lynch, she of the same racist bent as Eric “my people” Holder, will have anything to say about the incident.  Certainly First Lady Michelle Obama mumbled not a word about it when she was decrying the hardscrabble path she’s had to take because of her race (private schooling, Ivy League education, and $300k make-work job notwithstanding). You can be certain that, had it been a 61-year old black man beaten by white thugs, such would have been at the very lead of Michelle’s remarks after having been headlines for weeks in every major news outlet.  Along with the concomitant burning and looting.

Anyone who tells you that such behavior by this group of black hoodlums is not encouraged and inflamed by the race-baiting of Barack Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and the enabling of a thoroughly subservient MSM, is either a liar, hopelessly naïve, or abysmally stupid.

By the by, Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch are actively working with others on the Progressive Left to disarm the country’s law-abiding populace.  For our own protection.   The kind of protection so helpful to Richard Fletcher.



A Trouncing by Conservatives in Britain


Yesterday’s headlines screamed that David Cameron’s Tory government was “on the brink”, and Britain was in the midst of a “significant move to the Left”.  Of course, in most US media outlets, such tidings were reported with barely-concealed glee.  Except, it didn’t happen.  Cameron’s Tories won 331 seats, more than enough to form a majority government.  The Labour Party won a mere 232 seats.  Is anyone surprised that the Labour Left hired none other than David Axelrod, the leftist American political strategist, to help them?   In any event, it was not a “close” race.  The UK did not “move to the left”.  On the contrary.  It was a trouncing for the Left at the hands of David Cameron and the Tories.

A vote on further participation in the European Union is in the offing.  The British Pound has shot up against the Euro already.  This could get interesting.  One has to wonder whether Cameron will be as shabbily treated by Obama as Israel’s Netanyahu, winner of his own recent election.



Swim Qual!

I might have squee’d.

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