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The Gestapo Tactics of the Left in the Wisconsin John Doe case.

National Review has a terrifying post from their May 4, 2015 issue. Imaging agents of the state raiding your house before dawn, seizing property, and warning that you cannot even tell your lawyer that you’ve been raided, all while the neighbors watch you treated like a common criminal- simply for the crime of being conservative.

Understand, not only was there no evidence of any crime, even if the families raided by the police had done what the John Doe prosecutor suspected them of doing, he knew full well that it was not a crime, and was instead protected 1st Amendment speech.

We’ve decried the left’s use of lawfare before.



Follow Up on that shotgun safety failure video- Winchester issues recall.

The other day we posted a video showing a Winchester SPX shotgun firing upon chambering, even with the safety engaged.

Per The Truth About Guns, Winchester has issued a limited recall of certain models of shotguns. Check your guns, see if yours is on the list (PDF).

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If it’s such a good idea, why is attendance mandatory?

Every cause has to have some form of demonstration, some “awareness” raising event. Which, even for those issues I care little or nothing about, or even disagree with, that’s fine. This event mentality is particularly a feature of campus life. Which, again, is fine.

But then there’s this.


Now, it appears that either the uniform requirement was later modified, or the cadet chain of command did a poor job passing the word from the beginning.


But still, this is stupid.

The fact is, ROTC Cadets at any university will find themselves obligated to participate in events over and above the purely military training events you would expect of them. For instance, NROTC Cadets at Washington State University used to provide ticket check and bag search services at home football games to the  university.

The crotchety part of me thinks participating in the Walk a mile event in ACUs with red heels is demeaning to the uniform. The other part, the part that knows I’ve used Air Force gloves quite a few times, says that showing the community that the Army can have some fun is OK with people participating. I’m just against being voluntold to participate.



Load HEAT- Karen Gillan

Makes a great companion.

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Happy Birthday to the Grumman A-6 Intruder

On this day in 1960, the first flight of the then A2F-1 Intruder marked the beginning of 34 years of excellence in carrier all weather medium attack.



How 4 teens became murderers without killing anyone

ELKHART – — April Sparks was waiting in line to pre-pay for gas at a 7-Eleven store when she overheard a conversation she didn’t want to hear.

“They don’t deserve that,” the cashier said.

“They should spend their lives in prison,” the customer in front of her said.

Sparks knew exactly whom they were talking about. The small community 160 miles north of Indianapolis seemed split on the fates of four teenagers catapulted into unwanted fame because of one stupid mistake. One of them was her son.

Sparks left, quietly, and went elsewhere to buy gas.

Her son’s life changed forever on the afternoon of Oct. 3, 2012, when he and four friends broke into a house, hoping to steal some money.

They thought the house was empty. None of the teens expected an armed homeowner to be inside. None of them was armed. None foresaw a shooting. But the homeowner, who was sleeping upstairs, did rush downstairs and did fire a handgun — killing one of the teens.

via How 4 teens became murderers without killing anyone.

How is this case in any way controversial?

The five perps conspired to commit a felony. They undertook what they knew to be risky behavior (else why would they have passed on the first two potential targets), and knew it was risky enough that they took steps to avoid police, by posting a lookout.

Has the felony murder rule been unjustly used elsewhere? Likely. But not here.