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A question about Jesse Ventura, Chris Kyle, and the movie American Sniper.

You are probably aware that Jesse Ventura won a $1.8 million award in his defamation lawsuit against the estate of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Kyle described a fight in a Coronado bar, without naming names, but subsequently in interviews named Ventura as the person he’d punched in the face. Ventura disputed this, and sued Kyle. Before the suit went to trial, Kyle was murdered in Texas.

Lots of people got up in arms that Ventura continued his suit. All over the web there are posts about how Ventura was suing the widow. No. Ventura was suing the estate of Chris Kyle. That Tara Kyle happened to be the executor of the estate doesn’t mean Ventura was suing her personally. It certainly wasn’t Ventura’s fault that Kyle was murdered before the lawsuit came to a conclusion.

Ventura’s argument was that the publicity generated by Kyle specifically (and allegedly falsely) naming Ventura after the publication both cost Ventura opportunities, and boosted the sale of Kyle’s book, American Sniper. That’s considered a form of unjust enrichment.

I hate to say it, loathing Ventura as I do, but his case at court was quite solid, convincing not only the jury, but also the appeals court.

Now Ventura is suing the book’s publisher, presumably for unjust enrichment. One suspects Ventura’s case there will be every bit as strong as it was in the original suit. Whether the publisher settles or goes to trial remains to be seen.

So here’s my question. Will Ventura also go after the movie American Sniper? I suppose a case could be made that some portion of the success of the movie is due to the publicity surrounding Kyle and Ventura, though apparently the incident in question is not a part of the movie.



Sebastian Junger Knows Why Young Men Go to War — War Is Boring — Medium

Sebastian Junger is a rare filmmaker. His trio of documentaries about soldiers fighting in Afghanistan neither praise nor demonize America’s troops. Unlike most popular war films, he doesn’t turn soldiers into superheroes.

The Oscar-nominated Restrepo is about the job. Korengal is about the men. The Last Patrol is about those men trying to come home. In a long and discursive interview, we talked with Junger about warped perceptions of the troops, why he went to war and modern conceptions of manhood.

Junger argues that Americans are enamored with war, even when they say they don’t believe in it. He also thinks young men in the west no longer have a sense of what it means to be a man—and some of them go to war to find out.

via Sebastian Junger Knows Why Young Men Go to War — War Is Boring — Medium.

An interesting look at Junger and his thoughts on manhood, society, war, and coming of age.

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Infantrywomen: What the Evaluations Are Not Considering | ARMY Magazine

January 1, 2016, is the deadline for the military services to integrate women into the Infantry, Armor, Field Artillery and Special Forces combat units. It is contended that this will offer an equal opportunity for advancement up the promotion chain to the highest levels of command for both men and women.

Many tests, surveys and polls have been conducted during the past year, most of which have determined that physical strength and stamina will have to be gender-normed in order for the requirements to be fair and equally achieved; if they are gender-neutral, the standards will have to be much less demanding.

Test results and surveys have not been widely disseminated, but leakage seems to establish that men are five to six times more likely to meet standards being tested. This does not deny that some women are able to match the average male measurements, but very few match the higher scores posted by many men. Such findings are no surprise to anyone who recognizes that we have separate Olympic events for men and women, we have separate professional sports leagues, and we have separate world’s records for most everything requiring physical skills. The first woman to finish the Boston Marathon, who comes in ahead of a thousand men, also loses to a hundred or so men who crossed the line minutes before her.

via Infantrywomen: What the Evaluations Are Not Considering | ARMY Magazine.

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution quite clearly gives Congress the authority to put an end to this Obama administration silliness. Would that they exercise it.



Obama says he’s the best friend Israel ever had in the White House…



Say, when is the LA Times ever going to get around to releasing the Khalidi tapes?



“L” Furnace- Boom!

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Ghostrider’s Big Gun: AC-130J Gets 105 ASAP; Laser Later « Breaking Defense – Defense industry news, analysis and commentary

WASHINGTON: Sometimes smart bombs aren’t the smart choice. Sometimes you just need a big bad flying gun. That’s why the aging AC-130 gunship is still revered by ground troops for its ability to fire a 105mm cannon — a weapon normally mounted on light tanks. That’s why the head of Air Force Special Operations Command, Lt. Gen. Bradley Heithold, decided the new model, the AC-130J Ghostrider, had to have the 105 instead of relying on missiles. And that’s why Heithold will fight to slow the rate at which older AC-130s are retiring.

“I know we can buy back the two we [were] going to retire… in ’16,” Heithold told me and another reporter after his remarks today to the National Defense Industrial Association. He might even be able to get back the three aircraft that are to be retired in 2015, he said, if only as non-operational Backup Aircraft Inventory (BAI). Even that status would require maintenance that’s not funded in the ’15 budget, however: “I’d…probably have to talk with Congress” to see what’s possible, he said.

via Ghostrider’s Big Gun: AC-130J Gets 105 ASAP; Laser Later « Breaking Defense – Defense industry news, analysis and commentary.

Wanna save some money? Just scrap the stupid idea of a laser on Block 40 AC-130J birds. If industry presents you a fully developed, integrable, operationally effective laser at some point, then maybe think of paying to procure them. But for now, lasers are just a money sink.

As the article notes, pulling the 1o5s off retiring birds and mounting them on the new build AC-130Js is something of a no-brainer. Which, that kinda surprises me they did it.

The loss of the early H model birds will drive down the gunship inventory, but they’re old, worn out aircraft that have truly earned their retirement.




Star-spangled school design color ‘clashes’ with neighborhood, must come down | KTSM News Channel 9 | News, Weather and Sports | El Paso, Las Cruces, Juarez

KTSM — It looks like it’s only halfway done but soon, a colorful patriotic design at a new El Paso area elementary school will have to be painted over.

The problem, according to Canutillo ISD officials, is that the American flag adorning the front of the still-under construction Silvestre and Carolina Reyes Elementary School in Northwest El Paso doesn’t match the aesthetic of its neighborhood, the new “smart growth” Cimarron subdivision.

A district spokesman said when CISD purchased the land from the developer, it signed an agreement stating the color-scheme of the new campus would line up with standards put in place by the Cimarron homeowner’s association.

According to district documents, at a meeting last month, the school board was informed the colors were in violation of its agreement with the HOA and would have to be removed.

via Star-spangled school design color ‘clashes’ with neighborhood, must come down | KTSM News Channel 9 | News, Weather and Sports | El Paso, Las Cruces, Juarez.

Here’s a simple tip for HOAs. Everyone already hates you. Don’t go out of your way to garner more bad press. The Red, White, and Blue always matches any color scheme.