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‘Warfighter’ Is The Wrong Way To Define The American Service Member | Task & Purpose

Using the term “warfighter” destroys our capacity for reason at a time when it’s desperately needed.

Sometime in the mid 2000s, a strange new word started to get popular: “warfighter.” It catapulted out of obscurity from the military, quickly becoming the de facto label for all active-duty and reserve personnel. This word is seriously misleading; it presents the exact opposite of military reality at a time when Americans need to be questioning our role in global security more than ever before.

via ‘Warfighter’ Is The Wrong Way To Define The American Service Member | Task & Purpose.

The rest of his post is something of a rant, and not really worth reading.

But he does have a point. Warfighter is one of those terms that has become overly used, and overly broad in its definition.

When it first entered the military lexicon sometime in the 1990s, it was clearly meant to distinguish between those actually engaged in combat, and the (still critical) enabling forces that helped make successful combat possible. Warfighter was a handy term in that it could encompass more than one arm or service. For instance, while the Army is organized along the combat arms, combat support, and combat service support, the other branches are a little less structured. But the term could clearly delineate those who support  and enable, and those who actually delivered pain upon the enemy.

Sadly, like most jargon, it soon devolved into a buzzword that every program and powerpoint presentation had to use. And when a word comes to mean everything, it ceases to mean anything.



TDB: USMC To Deploy Alabamian Code Talkers

Alabama Native Graduates as Honor Graduate


FORT MCCLELLAN, Ala. – The United States Marine Corp is poised to resurrect its legendary Code Talker Program by attaching several native Alabamians to Marine infantry units currently deployed to Afghanistan, sources have confirmed.

“Ahm jus’ tickled as a dern coon in ah ‘shine bucket!” hooted Pfc. Bobby Joe Carson. “Bout to hitch ah scoot ta that there whachacallit Ganderstan an hand out a hidin’ ta thems Towelie-bans.”

Made famous in the Pacific Theater of World War Two, the original Code Talkers used the Navajo language as a form of encrypted communication during a number of critical engagements. The use of Navajo was an exercise in wartime ingenuity that kept the Japanese guessing and saved countless American lives. With so many of America’s modern enemies taking the time to learn English, the call was again sounded for American citizens who speak their own indecipherable dialects.

“Cain’t never coulda seent this kinda catawampus ‘bout the way I talked ma words out,” Carson marveled. “Used ta be them Yankee fancy talkers’d get madder’n a wet hen ‘bout the way I talked and that’d just dill my pickle sumthin’ fierce.”

Military Intelligence specialists have worked for several months with a handful of America’s most incomprehensible citizens to ensure their smooth integration into the Marine Corps. They have also undertaken the laborious task of training specialized linguists to decipher the new Code Talker transmissions.

The program has overcome a series of serious hurdles, including complaints from Equal Opportunity offices over the Code Talkers’ frequent utilization of homophobic slurs and the N-word.

“Who are we to impose our cultural norms on these proud people?” Maj. William Thompson, the Intelligence Liaison for the Code Talkers asked in response to the criticism. “If their only way to describe the night sky is ‘negro freckles,’ who are we to judge 200 years of social evolution?”

Further complications arose early in the program when officers realized that the Code Talkers simply did not have words for mission-critical vocabulary such as “GPS,” “computer” or “integration.” Fortunately, once the terms were explained, dialectic equivalencies were generated. “Spaceship maps,” “boring televisions” and “the devil’s work,” respectively.

“I’m plumb si-gogglin’ rightch yonder dem goldern peckerwood airish in tha poke oh flower wit them wharf rats,” asserted Carson. “Roll Tide!”



There is simply no end to the criminality of the Clintons

No, we’re not talking about former President Bill “Blue Dress” Clinton, though he seems to have a penchant from flying on the private jet of a convicted sex offender to Statutory Rape Island.

No, now we’re talking about the presumptive frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency in 2016, Hillary!

As the Secretary of State of The Most Transparent Administration Ever, not only did she use a private email account to conduct business, she ONLY used a private account, never even bothering to set up a .gov account.

WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton exclusively used a personal email account to conduct government business as secretary of state, State Department officials said, and may have violated federal requirements that officials’ correspondence be retained as part of the agency’s record.

Mrs. Clinton did not have a government email address during her four-year tenure at the State Department. Her aides took no actions to have her personal emails preserved on department servers at the time, as required by the Federal Records Act.

This isn’t simply some mere oversight, a forgetful executive not taking the time to activate an account. This is a deliberate attempt to avoid having records that are discoverable and accountable under the law.

This is prima facie evidence that she broke federal record keeping laws. Further, there’s a real possibility that she communicated classified information outside of secure government accounts. Guess what? That’s a law that would see you and I prosecuted and sent to federal prison.

Heck,  at my last employer, it was simply impossible to access any non-company email or instant message service through any of their IT systems, to include company Blackberry and iPhones. That was a deliberate effort on the company’s part, as any attempt to conduct business outside the record retaining company system was presumptive evidence of conspiracy.

I’m going to go ahead and start a fundraiser to provide healthcare and physical therapy for all the mainstream journalists who injure themselves lifting the heavy load of carrying water for the Clintons once more.



Egypt Declares Hamas a Terrorist Organization – The American Interest

In a big move, that nevertheless should not surprise those paying attention, Egypt has ruled Hamas to be a terrorist organization. The BBC:

“It has been proven without any doubt that the movement has committed acts of sabotage, assassinations and the killing of innocent civilians and members of the armed forces and police in Egypt,” Judge Mohamed el-Sayed said, according to state news agency Mena.

Besides Hamas, which is now entirely cut off and surrounded by enemies, the biggest losers from this verdict are Turkey and the Obama Administration.

via Egypt Declares Hamas a Terrorist Organization – The American Interest.

Egypt also seems to be (wisely) focused on improving its internal stability, which, ironically, is best done by reducing the influence of outside agitation, be it from Hamas or other Islamist influences.

There will always, of course, be a significant Islamist movement in Egypt, be it the Muslim Brotherhood, or some successor. But it’s fairly apparent that the majority of the population, while very much Islamic, isn’t exactly enamored of a strict Islamist theocracy.

Driving a wedge between MB and Hamas, and attempting to neuter Turkey’s influence as well is a difficult path, and one that our current administration seems to be attempting to frustrate. Still, a rather moderate approach seems the best path forward for Egypt.


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Spartan Pegasus- Airborne Ops in the Great White North

Of my basic training platoon at Ft. Benning, maybe half of us received orders overseas. About half of those went to Germany. The rest of us were split fairly evenly between Hawaii (where I went) and Alaska.

I remember laughing at one fellow receiving orders to Alaska, and was a tad surprised to learn he was delighted with the orders. Me? I don’t do well with cold. But some folks do.

Since World War II, the US Army has mantained a significant presence in Alaska. Among the nice things about it, there is plenty of space for training. Of course, the weather and terrain means that the units there are somewhat uniquely equipped.

I’m guessing the troops are from 3-509PIR, but I don’t know that for sure. The funny looking little vehicle in the heavy drop is an M973 Small Unit Support Vehicle, basically a BV206.