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Electronic Warfare: What US Army Can Learn From Ukraine

WASHINGTON — The US military has for weeks been training Ukrainian forces in US tactics, but the commander of US Army Europe says Ukrainian forces, who are fighting Russian-backed separatists, have much to teach their US trainers.

Ukrainian forces have grappled with formidable Russian electronic warfare capabilities that analysts say would prove withering even to the US ground forces. The US Army has also jammed insurgent communications from the air and ground on a limited basis, and it is developing a powerful arsenal of jamming systems, but these are not expected until 2023.

via Electronic Warfare: What US Army Can Learn From Ukraine.

For the most part, the US has relied on airborne electronic attack, from its EA-6B Prowler and EA-18G Growler aircraft. While those are tasked primarily with jamming enemy air defenses, they have a robust capability to jam other radio frequency emitters.

The short range jammers used in Iraq and Afghanistan have mostly been for self defense. But countering a foe like Russia or other near peer powers would require more powerful, and simultaneously more discrete jammers. One issue is that while you’re jamming the enemy, you need to be sure you’re not denying the useful parts of the RF spectrum to yourself.

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This is pretty incredible.

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How a massive threat to our Army may be coming from Washington – The Washington Post

I visited Baghdad in 2007 as a guest of Gen. David Petraeus. Before the trip I had written a column forecasting another broken Army, but it was clear from what Petraeus showed me that the Army was holding on and fighting well in the dangerous streets of Baghdad. Such a small and overcommitted force should have broken after so many serial deployments to that hateful place. But Petraeus said that his Army was different. It held together because junior leaders were still dedicated to the fight. To this day, I don’t know how they did it.

Sadly, the Army that stayed cohesive in Iraq and Afghanistan even after losing 5,000 dead is now being broken again by an ungrateful, ahistorical and strategically tone-deaf leadership in Washington.

via How a massive threat to our Army may be coming from Washington – The Washington Post.

To some extent, the downsizing and underfunding of the Army after every war is almost inevitable. Our public grows weary of war, and of the expense of war.

But MG Scales overlooks one of the key factors driving young men and women from the ranks today. That is the studious focus of senior leadership today on social engineering in the force, rather than focusing limited resources on mission essential tasks.

For instance, while we have best wishes for the three remaining women currently cycling through Ranger School, we also find it an incredible waste of time and energy to be pushing for women in combat arms.  Proponents are quick to tout the benefits of increased opportunity to the soldiers involved, but have not ever coherently explained just how opening the career fields to women will actually enhance the mission readiness of maneuver units.

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Reports: Paxton Indicted by Collin County Grand Jury | The Texas Tribune

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been indicted by a Collin County grand jury, Texas and national media reported Saturday, citing unnamed sources close to the case.

Paxton faces three charges in indictments that were issued Tuesday and instantly sealed, according to NBC 5. The charges will be revealed Monday in McKinney, and a Tarrant County judge has already been tapped to oversee the case, WFAA reported.

via Reports: Paxton Indicted by Collin County Grand Jury | The Texas Tribune.

The political persecution of Rick Perry via felony grand jury indictment is and was absurd and shameful on its face. How on earth can a governor exercising a constitutionally granted power of office be a felony?

If, however, the facts alleged here against Mr. Paxton are true, that is indeed a big no no.

At the very heart of virtually all securities laws and regulations are the need to disclose interest in an endeavor. Caveat emptor presumes the buyer has valid information to work with.

Very often, these types of matters, while there is a criminal prohibition, are resolved through civil courts, as was originally done here. That, however, doesn’t preclude criminal prosecution. It’s unusual, but hardly out of bounds.

And these aren’t obscure, pettifogging rules. This sort of thing is widely known in the industry, and certainly an estate planning attorney, who routinely works hand in hand with investment advisers, should have a working knowledge.

Dinesh D’Souza likes to complain that he was persecuted for his role  in a campaign finance scheme. In fact, he very stupidly broke a very, very well known law, and did so in a rather visible way. It’s not persecution when you practically invite the authorities to hammer you.

Again, should the facts of this allegation be true, it is much the same.

We on the political right cannot argue against the lawlessness of the left and simultaneously excuse egregious violations by those on the right.

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Saturday Silly

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Caturday in Vermont


I’ll say one thing for Jackass Cat.  He can take a beating.  Sometimes I grab him by the tail and give him a good walloping.  He likes it, too, little sicko.   As soon as I let him go he just sits down and waits for more attention.

Even non-cat people like him.  He is a good dude, not a mean bone in his body.  Less’n you’re a mouse.

I just wish people would stop telling him how handsome he is.  I am afraid his head will get swole.



Hillary Clinton emails: U.S. intelligence preparing for massive breach of classified data – Washington Times

The U.S. intelligence community is bracing for the possibility that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private email account contains hundreds of revelations of classified information from spy agencies and is taking steps to contain any damage to national security, according to documents and interviews Thursday.

The top lawmakers on the House and Senate intelligence committee have been notified in recent days that the extent of classified information on Mrs. Clinton’s private email server was likely far more extensive than the four emails publicly acknowledged last week as containing some sensitive spy agency secrets.

via Hillary Clinton emails: U.S. intelligence preparing for massive breach of classified data – Washington Times.

Hillary Clinton brazenly and deliberately used a private, unsecure email system to unconstitutionally avoid congressional oversight of her actions as Secretary of State, knowing full well that it would compromise classified information.

News today comes that her attorney is in possession of a thumb drive with an archive of her emails (though it is unclear what format that archive is in).  That means he is unlawfully in possession of classified information.

“In most situations like this you’d expect that a warrant would be issued and that the Marshals and the feds — FBI, somebody would go and get that thumb drive and take it somewhere where it would be considered safe by the government,” said Edward MacMahon Jr., an attorney who has handled major national security cases including the leak investigation of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling. 

Under 18 USC 1924, the unlawful removal and storage of classified information is described as when a person “knowingly removes such documents or materials without authority and with the intent to retain such documents or materials at an unauthorized location.” The law sets punishment of a fine or prison term of “not more than one year.”

That Mr. Kendall and especially Mrs. Clinton have not been served with search warrants (hell, arrest warrants!) tells you everything you need to know about the fecklessness of the entire federal government under the Obama regime. The law simply does not apply to them. They are not only above the law, they are above any pretense to adherence to the law.