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My Brother’s Old Adage…


“Ya get drunk, ya do sh*t!”


It was 42 degrees and raining lightly around 3 a.m. on Monday when an inebriated off-duty employee for a government intelligence agency decided it was a good time to fly his friend’s drone…

In the process of what officials describe as nothing more than a drunken misadventure, the employee managed to highlight another vulnerability in the protective shield that the Secret Service erects around the White House complex.

We will assume he had the next day off.  Though my guess is he didn’t get everything done that he had planned.  And he probably had to answer a lot of questions with a headache.  It also reinforces my old First Sergeant’s adage.  “Nothing good happens to a drunk after midnight.”


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Girls! Take Off Those Holiday Pounds!

With Rabid Weight Loss…

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You Know That Video Would Be on Tosh.O

Seems Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) hurt himself again while exercising.  Nothing serious.

According to a statement, Reid was exercising at home in Henderson, Nevada, when a piece of equipment broke. An aide said that Reid was exercising with a resistance band that snapped, hitting him and causing him to fall.

Here is what I would like the story to have said:

“Senator Reid was first brought to the VA Southeast Primary Care Clinic in  Henderson by his security detail,” said the senator’s office. “He then sat in the waiting room for five and a half hours, and then was sent to two different parts of the hospital by mistake, only to return to be told by a rude staffer that he had missed his appointment window and would need to wait another two hours.  He was then administered bowel prep by mistake, and by the time he was out of the bathroom, diagnostic imaging had closed for the day, so he was sent back home with an appointment for Tuesday and a handful of Motrin.”


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Goodbye Elly May Clampett


Sad news that Donna Douglas, the buxom blonde co-star who played Elly May in the 60s sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, passed away yesterday at 82.   She was most famous for her role in Hillbillies, but also appeared in a number of other series, most notably The Twilight Zone (“The Eye of the Beholder”, one of my favorites) and Adam 12.   She also co-starred with Elvis in Frankie and Johnny in 1966.


To men of a certain age, our childhood television women included Elly May Clampett, Wrangler Jane from F Troop (the lovely Melody Patterson), and Get Smart’s super-sexy and funny Agent 99, Barbara Feldon.    *Sigh*.   Another marker of the passage of time.

So long Elly May.  Never has a pair of jeans tied with a rope for a belt looked so good.  Now you can have your critters in the cee-ment pond all the time.

H/T to DB


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Merry Christmas, TOPGUN Style

A perennial favorite.

H/T to DKE.

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Merry Christmas to Sox and Jackass Cat

We’re onto you….



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One of the Greatest NFL Commercialz Eva

I am a fan of the New England Patriots, and as such I seem to be required to hate all things Manning.  Not a chance.  Not only is Peyton Manning one hell of a quarterback (his brother is no slouch, either), but I loved his old man, Archie in the long-ago days when he QB’d the Saints.

One of the things I like best about the Manning clan is their collective senses of humor.   They have had some great commercials (the one in the museum when the old man gives them the look for misbehaving being among my favorites) and Peyton certainly was a hit hosting Saturday Night Live.  But I think my favorite commercial they ever did is this one:

Makes you wanna go out and get football on your phone.  Yo.  Fo’ shizzle.

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