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Nurse! Nurse!


Huh.  I could see this being protocol for an op-check AFTER the transplant….  The Smoking Gun gives us the details.

A female nurse “initiated unsolicited sexual relations, including intercourse” with a hospitalized Illinois man who was awaiting a heart transplant, according to a lawsuit filed Monday

Cantone, whose wife Laura is co-plaintiff in the lawsuit, charges that Shaper “had a propensity to initiate unauthorized physical contact with patients.” The nurse, he added, “had attempted and/or succeeded” in initiating similar contact with other patients in her care.

One has to wonder if this is covered by Obamacare.   And where the hell was she when I had to go in for my kidney stone?

I cannot say it surprises me that wife Laura is a co-plaintiff.   Sorta gives a new meaning to “bedside manner”, though.   I wonder if the VA is hiring?

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Load HEAT- Anna Torv

I can’t tell you how many times over the years people have suggested the Fringe star for LH. We’ve got a fairly rabid bunch of sci-fi fans as readers. And finally, here she is.

Anna Torv (1)Anna Torv (1)Anna Torv (1)Anna Torv (2)Anna Torv (2)Anna Torv (3)Anna Torv (3)Anna Torv (4)Anna Torv (5)Anna Torv (6)FOX UpfrontAnna Torv (8)Anna Torv (9)Anna Torv (10)Anna Torv (11)Anna Torv (12)Anna Torv (13)


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Load HEAT – Laura Linney


World Premiere of The Exorcism of Emily Rose- Red Carpet

linney 3




The 77th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


I consider Laura Linney to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.  And she is incredibly talented as an actress, giving magnificent performances in Mystic River, Breach, and The Truman Show, and a great many other films.  She had also been the star of HBO’s The Big C, but I consider her most impressive performance to be as Erin Bruner, an agnostic lawyer who takes on the wrongful death case of a Catholic Priest, in the The Exorcism of Emily Rose, a haunting 2005 film based on a true story. 


Laura Linney also became a new mother at 49 this past January, and managed to do so in private, which is a refreshing change from the usual publicly-examined private lives of publicity-seeking celebrities.  She also is a great example in an industry that positively worships youth above almost all else, that a woman in her late-40s and early-50s (she is a few months older than I) can be as stunningly beautiful and attractive as any ingenue 20-year-old.


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Load HEAT-Sofia Vergara

We try not to duplicate entries on Load HEAT, but there are only so many ladies out there, and further, this lady was in the news recently. Radical feminists hate when any woman is beautiful. Unless they’re being crude. @drawandstrike noted this double standard between the adulation Beyonce received and the scorn they heaped upon Sofia Vergara.

Sofia 2 (1)

Sofia 2 (1)



Sofia 2 (2)

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Load HEAT- Colbie Caillat

If you want to make it in the music business, all it takes is hard work, dedication, and a daddy who is a record producer.

Colbie Caillat (1)Colbie Caillat (2)Colbie Caillat (3)Colbie Caillat (4)Colbie Caillat (5)Colbie Caillat (6)Colbie Caillat (7)Colbie Caillat (8)Colbie Caillat (9)Colbie Caillat (10)Colbie Caillat (11)Colbie Caillat (12)Colbie Caillat (13)Colbie Caillat (14)


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Load HEAT- Padma Lakshmi

Roamy gently reminded me I never got around to featuring this tasty morsel.


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Load HEAT- Tiffani Theissen

I get complaints all the time that I only like skinny wimmens. Uh, no. I have trouble finding Hollywood types that aren’t rail thin. There’s a difference.

And good ol’ TAT has embraced her curvyness, so she gets to be featured this week.

TAT (1)TAT (1)TAT (2)TAT (2)TAT (3)TAT (8)TAT (9)TAT (10)TAT (11)TAT (12)TAT (13)TAT (14)TAT (15)TAT (16)TAT (17)TAT (18)TAT (19)TAT (20)


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