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  1. x95b10

    9 Great, who let an MP in here. You know you can’t spell wimp without MP.

    Posted by: XBradTC at July 02, 2008 07:08 PM (pSXbN)

    Only a recruiter or a former MP could pick that out so quickly. Also, I read your”What’s an EFP” post on your blog. Interesting stuff. I got a look at a few similar U.S. prototypes when I was developing weapon systems at Picatinny Arsenal a few years back. I was working on different projects for PM CAS and PM Mortars however I remember this technology. Great stuff.



    • Drew weakland

      Something is not letting me re-post from your web site… the censors have you all tied up ? … Obama and the Muslims gotn you scared? WTF?


  2. There was an excellent vid on liveleak about a 155 round called BONUS made over in Europe. It kicks out 2 EFP submunitions much like our BLU-108. I almost posted it because it had a great shot of them installing the plate on the warhead.


  3. WAY WAY WAY overdue, but I threw up a link to you on Sniper, I didn’t realize we had missed you SGT.


  4. navytim

    Great site. Your humor and sarcasm transcends well. I too have a point-of-view, but as a Navy Sailor. Would be interested in exchanging links, banners. Let me know.



  5. Dude, wordpress sucks! I tried leaving a comment on the Kursk thread and it wouldn’t let me.


  6. bronze, sorry, I got you out of the penalty box as soon as I spotted it.


  7. Tom in Des Moines

    Great site, I try to check it daily. Thanks for the knowledgable material and the occasional “hotty” post.


  8. Thanks for the call over at Lex’s concerning my statements on 527 groups. Get a little ahead of myself and type without thinking sometimes.

    Much appreciated.

    Furthermore, I’ve got some reading to do here too. You’ve got a great blog, I’ve just spent about twenty minutes I should have used for Business Comma Official reading about Army machine guns. Heady stuff.

    Drew C.


  9. If I were nuked every time I typed something stupid, I’d be a little crispy thing by now, so no sweat.

    And enjoy, and spread the word.


  10. xbradtc—my brother is down at Ft. Benning right now, 3 weeks into boot camp. His birthday is on Nov 21. Where can I find out what I can or can not send him? I’d like to get him a gift…but don’t want him to have to throw it away…


  11. No booze, pornography, drugs, or anything that could be considered a weapon. Send him something cheap, and small. He doesn’t have a lot of storage space. You should be seeing him over the holidays so save the real present for then. My birthday was one of the most miserable days in basic training, as the Drill Sergeants had fun dogging me hard that day. Still, a card is nice, and maybe some token gift.


  12. xairboss (alias) E Yat

    You asked me to email you about time at Whidbey and your parents. I sent an email several weeks ago but am not sure you received it. Boss


  13. chiler

    cupliu pistalet s glusiteliam ne doraga ili vazimu varendu


  14. Cranston Snord

    Regarding Jennifer Connelly in red bikini:

    NOT JC, but Phoebe Cates, from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

    Sorry, dude.


  15. Cranston, yeah, I know, but now I can’t figure out how to get her out of the gallery without deleting the whole thing. And, really, how bad is it to see some pheobe cates?

    Update: Fixed it. Sorry to have to pull Pheobe, but I did add two new pics of Ms. Jennifer.


  16. andrea

    sei la donna più bella del mondo


  17. Brad… nice play. I should have come here earlier. Lord knows what’s up with my memory these days. Must be too much salt spray and JP-5 over the years. :)

    Now I know where you live, I’ll stop by more often.



  18. Welcome, Tim.

    You’ll notice you’re not the only PO1(ret) that drops by. RetiredPO1 (whom you’ve probably seen around other blogs) is an old NAS Whidbey guy (where I grew up). Squids are always welcome here.


  19. charles smith

    just wanted to let you know nice job. My dad just passed served on cvl 30 bugler 1st class n div.


  20. My condolences.

    The USS San Jacinto, a light carrier built on a cruiser hull.

    Sadly, the Navy is pretty much done with buglers.

    And thanks for the kind words.


  21. Suggestion for HEAT

    Stana Katic from ABC’s Castle.
    Oh my.



  22. I’ve always wanted to put her up, but I keep having a hell of a time finding photos that do her justice. In the meantime, I watch the show religiously.


  23. sister first

    Art, please call Dick. He misses you terribly and keeps asking after you. We need you to come here and make martinis for a party we are planning.


  24. your really really hot! ;]


  25. I would like to be added to your blog roll. I would be happy to add you on mine. Thank you.


  26. Holy Cripes! I think the shameful 111th Congress was WAYYY over its’ TO&E of Stupid. And now we have to deal with it.

    Please consider visiting and joining REINSTATE DADT and and RESTORE DADT Facebook pages. Let’s roll this abomination back and keep our military strong and our country protected.

    Bring all your friends and shootin irons too.


  27. SuperDave

    Any chance of linking your blogsite to Facebook? Are you on Facebook? SuperDave, Out.


    • SuperDave, I actually am linked to my FB account under my meatspace name. I have a FB account under the nom de blog as well, but is isn’t linked to the blog. I rarely use it.


  28. Melody Burton

    Thank you for your service to our country. I am a proud liberal Democrat and so damn glad that President Obama is leading our great nation in the right direction, as FDR and Lincoln did, and thus I am well-pleased to see you praise our Congress and our President. By the way, I hope you’ve read Mike Tucker’s great book, BRING THE HEAT; his insights into the guerrilla wars in Malaysia and Oman are fascinating, and he applies those insights to the US Army-led failed counterinsurgency in Afghanistan. Thank God we are pulling out of Afghanistan, all praise to Obama. As Mr. Tucker says in his awesome book, BRING THE HEAT, “Karzai gives new meaning to the word scumbag.” Tucker is the only author who has seen clearly that you cannot win a counterterrorist war in Central Asia by fighting it with a counterinsurgency game plan. Good luck to you and may the Almighty bless you with happiness, peace and joy all your days. And you may want to re-consider your juvenile lust for Jennifer Beals and other hotties–the thing about us women is we prefer men to teenagers. Imagine that.
    Melody Burton
    Annapolis, Maryland


  29. Hey! Anyone out there know anything about tramp art. I have a 1917 Howitzer Shell cassing that has great detailed hammered design of oak branch with acorns & leaves on it! It is just over 4″ across the base & about 3 3/8″ at the top x11 9/16″ in length. I had acustomer drop this off & he knows nothing about it. As do I. What is the value of something like this.


  30. Dan

    Not ” tramp art” but Trench Art. From your description it is probably a 75mm artillery shell casing from World War 1. Many , in addition to the floral designs , also included the name and date of major battles during the war. The casings were decorated and used / sold as fund raisers here in the statesto support the war effort. There were many variations of Trench Art using all different calibers ranging from 30 – 06 rifle brass to large navel shells.The items were used in making lamps, ash trays , candlesticks and vases such as you describe. Caution , they do not hold water as it leaks out the base where the fuse was installed. Must line case with fiberglass to use it as a vase. Also , don`t polish the piece. Purist collectors want in its original patina, Hard to put a price on it without examining it ; but it should be in the $75.00 to $125.00 range depending on condition, intracacy of the design and size of the shell.


  31. Don Wasinger

    Art..Sandy and I enjoyed meeting you yesterday…we hated the circumstances bringing us all together..but now we have a new friend..and what a truly healing day it was..Best..Don Wasinger


  32. I really like your site, I hope you don’t mind if I link to it on my site, It’s mostly flying stuff but I throw in stories from my 12 years in the Army Guard. Feel free to link back if you like it.


  33. Sir,
    On behalf of the Danish Army Combat Centre Historic Vehicle Collection I request permission to use parts of this video in the DVD`s we are producing in order to sell them and raise funding for restoration of the historical vehicles in our collection. Presently we have a M10 under restoration. The society are a non-government funded society and all our funds are used for the development of the museum and for the restoration of items in our collection.
    In hope for a positive response
    Best regards
    Steen Holm Iversen
    Chairman of the Dansih Armys Combat Centre´s Historical Vehicles Society
    Klokkedoj 26
    6800 Varde
    Arb.: 0045 2345 8116
    Priv.: 0045 2896 6840


  34. bro — very sorry about the loss of another ATAP (sp?) pilot and plane.


  35. NaCly Dog

    Roamy may find this interesting, in a sad way, as an example of “making accessible to the masses” one of mankinds greatest achievements. Permanent link to this comic:

    Keep up the good work, and may you heal soon.


  36. Enjoyed your mention of Peter Elser. He was a close friend of mine and was married to the cousin of my first wife. I wonder who the Bill is who gave you the picture.
    All the best,


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  38. The Bronze Star was awarded for Meritorious Service threw out the Vietnam War to E-1’s on up because Company Commanders together with enlisted men did NOT agree with the change in the Army Commendation with V-device.!!
    This change was to take away the lowest combat decoration deliberately from those who risk their lives in actual engagements against the enemy and belittle their sacrifice with a non-combat decoration by sticking a V-device on it.A lot of soldiers actively engage the enemy but don’t warrant a V-device but still either pay the price of being killed or wounded for the success of the mission or engagement against enemy forces.
    The Army Commendation with V-device was phased in but with a lot of anger form Officers and enlisted ranks.
    Meritorious Service does not mean just non-combat,it also can mean Meritorious Combat as well!!
    The regulations allow this by saying awarded to any person while serving in any capacity. While serving in any capacity means any rank Or position !!!!
    Now in today’s wars its being exploited by non-combatants and totally { by- passing } lower ranks who actually are those who engage the enemy!!!
    This was a move in 1964 to completely leave out enlisted grades from a combat award that was meant for the common soldier according to 5 General of The Army Marshall’s wishes, and give it only to non-combat higher ranks only !!!!!!
    Now you see the EXPLOITATION IN ITS FINEST HOUR by non-combatant’s!!!! .


  39. 5 Star General Marshall wanted the Bronze Star for Meritorious Service to be awarded to lower ranks for combat reasons regardless of job !!!! I don’t see this in today’s Armed forces !!!!!!!!
    Total corruption by upper ranks !!!!


  40. Krag

    Is your contact email still valid? I tried to send a link to some WWI naval photos I thought you might enjoy, but got a bounce back. I used the address.


  41.   爱为你珠宝有限公司作为一家集设计、生产、 定制珠宝 销售及售后服务于一体的专业珠宝企业,旗下"AIFFILY,爱为你"为国内珠宝品牌。




  42. D.G. McClure

    With just 3 effective carriers available in the theater Fletcher was tasked with protecting the fleet first. His reduced flight line, dwindling fuel supply and the effects of IJN attacks were also in consideration. Finally, his mental state must have been crucial as he watched the IJN become immediately hamstrung with the damage and loss of their carriers at Midway and Coral Sea. Still, the withdrawal and subsequent lack of support for weeks and months makes the Marine effort there all the more remarkable. In the end, after Ghormley was replaced and FDR made it a priority, the USN came through in their aggressive persuit of the naval battles in and around the island. There were enough mistakes to go around on Guadalcanal including Patch’s lack of aggression allowing 12,000 Japanese troops to escape in the most successful retreat of the Pacific War.

    My father fought in the Pacific as a Marine Intelligence Officer and like every other vet I knew growing up, never, ever talked about it.

    While researching Guadalcanal for a larger project, I found their story so compelling that it turned into “Nightmare Island”, a novel that follows two fictional Marines as they try to stay alive through the conflict. The historical details are as accurate as I could make them – they needed no embellishment.

    “Nightmare Island” by D. G. McClure


  43. Tad Lyon

    Is one of my favorite British bloggers OK? The Mellow Jihadi website has suddenly gone away.


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