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Is the Bradley due for upgunning?

Developed in the 1960s and 1970s, and entering service in the 1980s, the M2/M3 Bradley series of fighting vehicles was designed to counter first generation Soviet BMP and BTR series vehicles. As such, the Army equipped it with the 25mm M242 Bushmaster chain gun. The M242 performed very well against Russian and Chinese built armored vehicles in Desert Storm, and later in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

But the threat is not static. More and more, infantry carriers and other armored vehicles are getting bigger and bigger, and carrying more and more armor. And small anti-tank missile teams are employing longer ranged missiles. The armor piercing ammunition for the M242 has been improved, but there is little room for growth. To achieve more armor penetration, the Bradley will simply need a larger gun. And to that end, the Army is experimenting with a 30mm autocannon.

The 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster II gun isn’t new. It’s been around in various forms for almost as long as its little 25mm brother. It was intended to be the main armament of the cancelled Marine Corps Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle. And it is mounted as secondary armament on the Navy’s LCS and LPD-17 ships. Various foreign powers have evaluated or adopted it. So adapting it to the Bradley would seem to be a simple matter.

But it isn’t quite that simple.

The Bradley was designed with the smaller 25mm in mind. The size of the gun here wasn’t so important. The gun and its mount are in the gunhouse portion of the turret, above the hull of the vehicle proper. The size of the gunhouse itself wasn’t critical.

But the ammunition cans for the gun are stored inside the turret basket. That’s the part of the turret, the ammo system, turret drives, and support that extends down inside the vehicle, and rotates on a roller path on the bottom of the hull.  And the turret basket size, essentially its diameter, went far to fixing the exact size of the Bradley.

You can simply put a new turret on the Bradley, with the same size turret basket. The 30mm round isn’t that much larger than the 25mm. 25mm ammo is 13.7 centimeters long. The Bushmaster II 30mm ammo is 17.3cm long.

But that extra inch or so of length cuts into the crew space of the Bradley. Already fairly cramped when designed, the turret crew space has further been crowded by installation of additional electronics, fire control, and networking equipment. An inch doesn’t seem much, but even my relatively small 5’10” frame, when seated in the commanders seat, had my knees in uncomfortable contact with the ammunition cans.

We’ll see if the Army decides to pay to upgrade the Bradley, search instead for a whole new vehicle, or just continue to move along with what we have and hope for the best.

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Load HEAT- Maggie Q

Nikita, Divergent, Stalker. Maggie Q has been busy the last few years.

Maggie Q (1)Maggie Q (2)espy awards arrivals 4 120707Maggie Q (4)Maggie Q (5)Maggie Q (6)Maggie Q (7)Maggie Q (8)Maggie Q (9)Maggie Q (10)Maggie Q (11)


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Load HEAT- Mary Elizabeth Winstead

The reigning Scream Queen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead has enjoyed quite a successful career in the horror movie industry. Maybe not a household name, but it pays the bills. She’s easy on the eyes, and not a bad actress.

MEW (1)MEW (2)MEW (3)MEW (4)MEW (5)MEW (6)MEW (7)MEW (8)MEW (9)MEW (10)MEW (11)MEW (12)MEW (13)

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Load HEAT- Anna Torv

I can’t tell you how many times over the years people have suggested the Fringe star for LH. We’ve got a fairly rabid bunch of sci-fi fans as readers. And finally, here she is.

Anna Torv (1)Anna Torv (1)Anna Torv (1)Anna Torv (2)Anna Torv (2)Anna Torv (3)Anna Torv (3)Anna Torv (4)Anna Torv (5)Anna Torv (6)FOX UpfrontAnna Torv (8)Anna Torv (9)Anna Torv (10)Anna Torv (11)Anna Torv (12)Anna Torv (13)


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120mm for Air Defense

When you mention a 120mm gun today, virtually everyone thinks of the main gun of the M1 Abrams family of tanks. And rightly so. It’s an impressive weapon. But did you know that from the mid-1940s to the early 1950s there were more than a few 120mm guns guarding the US?

The US Army began World War II with the M3 3” gun as its primary heavy antiaircraft gun. The M3 was itself a slightly improved version of the M1918 fielded for World War II, and was clearly facing obsolescence. It lacked the ability to reach the high altitudes routinely used by enemy bombers, and didn’t throw a very powerful shell.

Soon the excellent M1 90mm anti-aircraft gun replaced it.

But as good as the M1 90mm gun was, it still lacked the range and altitude needed. Toward the end of the war, the Army finally fielded the massive M1 120mm heavy anti-aircraft gun. While a few batteries were sent to the Pacific before the war ended, it doesn’t appear any actually engaged Japanese aircraft.


The beginning of the Cold War raised the spectre of Soviet bombers laying waste to American cities with nuclear weapons. Accordingly, a very high priority was given to air defense of the continental US. The Air Force fielded many squadrons of fighters. And pending the development of guided missiles, the Army placed batteries of 90mm and 12omm guns to protect our cities.

A typical 120mm battery had four guns. The guns were automatically directed by the M10 director system, which in turn used information from the SCR-584 radar, or a similar gun laying radar and the M4 gun computer.


Batteries also protected sensitive sites such as the Panama Canal.


By the mid-1950s, the M1’s ability to destroy high speed bomber targets was marginal. As rapidly as possible, gun batteries were replaced by Nike Ajax guided missile batteries.  Today, the M1 is but a faint memory.


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Load HEAT-Sofia Vergara

We try not to duplicate entries on Load HEAT, but there are only so many ladies out there, and further, this lady was in the news recently. Radical feminists hate when any woman is beautiful. Unless they’re being crude. @drawandstrike noted this double standard between the adulation Beyonce received and the scorn they heaped upon Sofia Vergara.

Sofia 2 (1)

Sofia 2 (1)



Sofia 2 (2)

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Load HEAT- Colbie Caillat

If you want to make it in the music business, all it takes is hard work, dedication, and a daddy who is a record producer.

Colbie Caillat (1)Colbie Caillat (2)Colbie Caillat (3)Colbie Caillat (4)Colbie Caillat (5)Colbie Caillat (6)Colbie Caillat (7)Colbie Caillat (8)Colbie Caillat (9)Colbie Caillat (10)Colbie Caillat (11)Colbie Caillat (12)Colbie Caillat (13)Colbie Caillat (14)


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