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Load HEAT- Amy Jo Johnson

I’m going to tell you something. I’ve seen far more of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers than someone my age typically would. It turns out, when our local mess hall installed big screen televisions, for some reason, MMPR always seemed to be on during meal time. Dunno why. But it was fun to watch some mindless entertainment while considering just what the mystery meat of the day was.  And of the MMPR, who can forget the Pink Ranger, the lovely Amy Jo Johnson.

Amy Jo Johnson (1)Amy Jo Johnson (13)Amy Jo Johnson (14)Amy Jo Johnson (15)Amy Jo Johnson (16)Amy Jo Johnson (17)Amy Jo Johnson (18)Amy Jo Johnson (19)Amy Jo Johnson (20)Amy Jo Johnson (21)Amy Jo Johnson (22)Amy Jo Johnson (23)Amy Jo Johnson (24)Amy Jo Johnson (25)Amy Jo Johnson (26)Amy Jo Johnson (27)Amy Jo Johnson (28)

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Load HEAT- Mariah Carey

We probably haven’t listened to a Mariah Carey single since her debut release, Vision of Love:

But in the almost quarter century since then, we’ve seen her splashed across the pages of tabloids, and always looking hot.

Mariah Carey (1)Mariah Carey (1)Mariah Carey (1)Mariah Carey (2)Mariah Carey (2)Mariah Carey (2)Mariah Carey (3)Mariah Carey (4)Mariah Carey (5)Mariah Carey (6)Mariah Carey (7)Mariah Carey (8)Mariah Carey (9)Mariah Carey (10)Mariah Carey (11)Mariah Carey (12)Mariah Carey (13)Mariah Carey (14)


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The BBC’s 1964 Masterpiece “The Great War”

Of all the events of the Twentieth Century, it is the First World War that has had the most dramatic and longest-lasting impact on the psyche of Western civilization, more so than all the events that followed.   For anyone with an abiding interest in that war, the 1964 BBC documentary The Great War is an invaluable reference to understanding.  Narrated by Sir Michael Redgrave, the 26-part documentary is a superbly-crafted work.  The tenor of the broadcasts reflects the erosion of the naïve hopes of the warring parties in 1914 into the grim fatalism that the years of slaughter evoked, and the upheaval that would ultimately topple the crowned heads of Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Serbia.  BBC producers make excellent use of voice to read the actual words of the key participants such as Edward Grey, Bethmann-Hollweg, Conrad von Hotzendorf, Joffre, Haig, Falkenhayn, and others.  The series features remarkable and little-seen motion footage of the world of 1914-18, including the civilians, the politicians, the armies, and the great battles of that war.   The battle footage heavily emphasizes the two great killers of that war (in inverse order), the machine gun, and modern breech-loading recoil-dampened artillery.

Of note also are the poignant, and sometimes extremely moving, interviews with the participants of events of the great tragedy.  Some had been in the thick of the fighting, others young subalterns or staff officers at the sleeve of the decision-makers.   Most remarkably, the BBC managed to produce a documentary about momentous events that changed the world and yet also managed to allow the viewer insight into the inestimable human tragedy that these events summoned.   At the time of the release of The Great War, those events were closer in time to the audience than the beginning of the Vietnam War is to our contemporary world.   The twenty-six episodes are around forty minutes each.  Worth every second of the time spent.

Oh, and as the credits roll at the end of each episode, one can spot the name of a very young (19 years old) contributor named Max Hastings.


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Load HEAT- Andrea Roth

Sure, you probably recall Andrea Roth from Rescue Me, but are you forgetting her role on the TV series RoboCop?

Andrea Roth (1)Andrea Roth (1)Andrea Roth (2)MSDSTEP EC029Andrea Roth (3)Andrea Roth (3)Andrea Roth (4)Andrea RothAndrea Roth (5)Andrea Roth (6)Andrea Roth (7)Andrea Roth (8)


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Load HEAT- Monica Raymund

I’ve enjoyed watching Monica Raymund on Chicago Fire for the past three seasons, and right now, I’m enjoying her watching old episodes of Lie to Me, which was virtually her first acting gig.

Monica Raymund (1)Monica Raymund (1)Monica Raymund (1)Monica Raymund (2)Monica Raymund (2)Monica Raymund (3)Monica Raymund (3)170011318ML015_2013_Red_BulMonica Raymund (5)Monica Raymund (6)Monica Raymund (7)Monica Raymund (8)

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Load HEAT- Kelly Stables

Spill recommended this week’s hottie, Kelly Stables. I’m not familiar with her, but at 4’11”, she’s probably the shortest LH we’ve ever featured.

Kelly_Stables (60)Kelly_stables_2_762_thumb_585x795Kelly_Stables_11_692_thumb_585x795Kelly_Stables-1_259_thumb_585x795Kelly Stables Spike TV Guys Choice 2013 Arrivals 9jfppNFQrnJlkelly-stablesKelly-Stables-Feet-81820kelly-stables-looking-you-hot-and-sexy-earrings-188019_thumb_585x795Kelly-Stables-picturekelly-stables-posing-cute-red-dress-188014_thumb_585x795kelly-stables-posing-front-flower-cute-stripe-dress-188017_thumb_585x795kelly-stables-posing-hot-blue-jeans-188011_thumb_585x795th


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Load HEAT- Rena Sofer

Rena Sofer has been in a ton of stuff.

Rena Sofer (1)Rena Sofer (2)Rena Sofer (3)Rena Sofer (4)Rena Sofer (5)Rena Sofer (6)Rena Sofer (7)Rena Sofer (8)Rena Sofer (9)Rena Sofer (10)Rena Sofer (11)Rena Sofer (12)Rena Sofer (13)


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