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More than just a model

I worked with Scott Phillips for a good chunk of his 33 years as a NASA support contractor, working on the External Tank. This is a nice interview with Scott, but it really doesn’t convey well enough the beauty of his Shuttle models. He might use two dozen different types of wood, some ordinary like cedar, some exotic like zebrawood or, my favorite, chestnut from an ancient chopping block that he found. Each model comes with his certificate, photographs, and detailed notes on how he made it. IIRC, he told me once that it took him about 200 hours to make a model.


It’s incredible where his woodworking talent has taken him – to meet probably every astronaut in the corps and some truly living legends. I hope he is enjoying his retirement, and I’m saving my pennies for one of his models.

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Eye Candy for Roamy

Today we are on a father-son day trip to the Udvar-Hazy Museum, a.k.a. the Air and Space Museum Annex at Washington-Dulles Airport. One of the featured exhibits there is going away:


The space shuttle Enterprise is being prepared for a trip to New York. It will go to the Intrepid Air & Space Museum. Udvar-Hazy in turn will get the Discovery. I think the switch happens in April.





A space shuttle up on the blocks!

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